Shipping Management simplified with us— Vertitide Shipping Management Private Limited. Our conscious nature with industry shows the way to perform par excellence, and entrust best possible Shipping Management solution to all our celebrated clients and ship owners, who shares professional ties with Vertitide.

We are informed that a purchased ship for trading or cruising call for a comprehensive Shipping Management squad to perform, and action the vessel smoothly—we make it possible, with our abilities; we situate the function of the management lineup to impart the owners with support for the duration of the ownership or the lease of the ship. And, these liners can range in size and function.

As one of the major identity in Shipping Management, we fulfill the owner’s customized requirements and endow with on board crew whether vessel just drift out and revealed onto the seas, or it is floating on high waters. In addition, our second core contribution directs to our esteemed clients with technical support, crew management and supplies.

And then, our Shipping Management encompasses an array of diverse solution to our vast clientele, including crewing, crew wages and technical aspects, which are concisely conferred as below.

The Crewing:

Since the demanding industries required to be showered with matchless talents, we have them all—the appropriate candidates, who boast noteworthy experience on both high seas and offshore ships for every rank as indexed. These Crew officers have passed Training by the top maritime training institution in India with STCW-95 modular and other non-modular programs.

With these personnel, we are also immensely experience in sourcing out professionals for passenger cruise liners for all kinds.

Wages for Crewing:

It’s our sincere endeavor to see after the legitimate wage pattern for all the officers, and their ratings system that may be enclosed by the present ITF/Collective Bargaining Agreement wage scale, or we can meet the terms with your customary wage scale.


We posses knowledgeable and well trained Marine Engineers, who also match the most-up-to-date IMO and Classification Norms and Regulations, and thus, our Management ensures a well-organized and cost-effective operation of vessels.

Shipping Management with Vertitide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
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